For those of you with a Soundcloud account, you can follow this Jaime Page link to listen to the never released track, “Lonely Nights” by “Driveshaft” featuring the incomparable Gerry Lane on vocals, Cozy Powell on drums, Neil Murray (Whitesnake) on bass, John Sinclair (Ozzy/Uriah Heep) on keys and Jaime Page on guitar.

According to Jaime, it took several attemtps to salvage the track from 20 year old tape!  
Unfortunately, the intro had to be sacrificed.  However, the rest of the quality and musicianship on Lonely Nights shines through right up to the end.  Beautiful solo work and tasty, classic outro guitar wizardry towards the outro by Jaime.  Rumour has it there’s an interesting ‘guitar story’ that will explain what was behind the outro guitar work.  We’re all relying on Shane from “The Rockpit” to bring that one to light!  

However, for now, you can read Jaime’s reason for posting this track, here.

For Trilogy fans – also check Jaime’s link for some classic Trilogy pearls! 

will be appearing at Guitar Gods V on Friday June 29. 2012 at The Fly By Night Club where you will hear Jaime and band, Black X, perform some classics from the Jaime Page vault, including songs from Trilogy, Black Steel & Project X.

Also on the Guitar Gods V bill:

  • The amazing instrumental arrangements of Graham Greene with his band; 
  • Annemieke – with the 7 piece melodic rock band, Jac Dalton performing tracks from their album, Icarus;
  • and John Meyer with his band performing new songs penned for a brand new rock album due for release in the not too distant future (also featuring the world class vocals of the extraordinary Craig Pinkney).