Ormsby Guitars goes to Las Vegas

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July 2009, Perth’s Perry Ormsby was contacted by ex Quiet Riot bass player, Kelly Garni who had an unusual request.  Some years ago, Kelly Garni’s best mate, Randy Rhoads, got into a kitchen scuffle which resulted in Randy’s thumbnail being reefed from his hand.  As mates do (some mates, anyway), Kelly decided to keep Randy’s thumbnail as a souvenir of the fun they had in their youth.

Kelly had been off the road for some time, running his photographic business.  He decided to get it together with good friend, and Randy’s brother, Kelle Rhodes and head back into some live music.  “No Sky Today” was born – and to celebrate, Kelly decided a new bass guitar was in order. 

Kelly heard of a luthier residing in Perth who builds handcrafted custom electric guitars and had also heard how beautiful the craftsmanship on these customs is.  He had also heard that the luthier in mind, Perry Ormsby, was a huge Randy Rhoads fan and decided to contact him with a special request.

Guitar WorldKellyGarni-OrmsbyBassSince the creation of this Kelly Garni custom bass, this story has been mentioned in Guitar World magazine, The Boulder newspaper, several fan sites worldwide and also talked about by Kelly Garni himself on RockStar Weekly

West Coast Music Shack met Ormsby Guitars’ Perry Ormsby at the Perth airport prior to his Los Angeles and Las Vegas trip to hand deliver this WA masterpiece to Kelly Garni, in person. 

Watch the 15 minute video below to see what was so special about this Ormsby Guitars custom classic.


Ormsby Guitars Pre Las Vegas Interview.