Guitar Gods Posting Policy


Before you list your item for sale, you need to find out if your item is allowed/appropriate on  Guitar Gods and if the type of item is subject to certain restrictions. While our policies about listing items are based upon Australian laws, many restrictions concern the sale of dangerous or sensitive items which may not be prohibited by law.

Guitar Gods is community oriented and reserves the right to withdraw any item or advertisement from the site deemed by Guitar Gods to be inappropriate or potentially offensive to the general community.  Guitar Gods is primarily aimed at families and the greater community, so it is important to us that this website is kept appropriate for our all concerned. Please take the time to read through our policies so you know what  Guitar Gods considers clean, friendly and appropriate (our policies are not designed to be exhaustive, but provide guidance on what is considered inappropriate). If you are not sure, please do not hesitate to contact us through our ‘contact us’ link. You can also email us on

The Gear and Gigs section of  Guitar Gods is for the sale of second hand goods only. Businesses looking to advertise and sell their goods are able to do so through direct contact with us. This posting policy relates to both people looking to list second hand goods for sale, gig listings as well as businesses wishing to advertise their products and services.

As a  Guitar Gods seller, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your upload complies with the law as well as our posting guidelines. Breaches of these policies may result in cancelling your listing as well as referral to the appropriate authorities. When policy violations occur,  Guitar Gods will email the seller or advertiser that a listing cancellation has occurred. You may contact Guitar Gods to report any listings you feel violate our posting policy by using the ‘contact’ link.

Any items uploaded which are regarded by  Guitar Gods as being potentially illegal, fraudulent, stolen or potentially contravening any Australian laws, will be referred to the appropriate authorities.


Items subject to restricted sale or prohibition on Guitar Gods:

• Adult material
• Alcohol
• Art
• Clothing, used
• Coins
• Cosmetics, used
• Counterfeit currency and stamps
• Credit cards
• Digital downloads
• Drugs & drug paraphernalia
• Electronics equipment
• Electronic surveillance equipment
• Emergency services uniforms and associated equipment
• Embargoed goods and prohibited countries
• Event tickets
• Frequent Flyer Points
• Food
• Gaming devices
• Government and transit documents
• Hazardous, restricted and perishable items
• Human parts and remains
• Encouraging illegal activity
• Lock picking devices
• Lottery tickets
• Medical devices
• Offensive material
• Pets
• Recalled items
• School Uniforms
• Stocks and other securities
• Tobacco
• Travel
• Weapons & knives

The only ad that may go up on Guitar Gods must relate to either the sale of personal musical equipment or guitar gigs.