heading Celebrating the work of the cream of West Coast guitarists over the last 5 decades.

In the beginning, there was the word.
And the word was... HENDRIX.
On the other side of the Atlantic was another word... CLAPTON.
And another - PAGE.
And yet another... BECK.
The list goes on...

In the 60's, a wave of guitar mania swept the world, fuelled by the electric screamings of gifted artists whose worlds had been opened by the advent of high quality guitars and amplifiers that had previously been unheard of. Bands like Cream, The Jimi Hendrix Experience and The Yardbirds inspired youngsters all over the world to pick up an axe and follow their dreams, and the music world was never to be the same again.  Australia was no exception, and it wasn't long before the land downunder was reverberating to the sounds of The Easybeats, The Aztecs and countless other Antipodean rockers emulating their heroes.

As time went on, Australian bands and artists started to develop their own sounds, and today Australian music ranks with the best in the world.  Like the rest of their Aussie brothers, WA musicians have produced some stunning music, and the depth of WA guitar talent is enormous, having reached audiences nationally and internationally.

Over the years we have recognized and continue to enjoy the music and musicianship of our international guitar heroes.
From the most isolated city in the world, Perth Western Australia, we recognize and show our utmost respect & support for our leading exponents of electric guitar music and honour our own world class West Coast Guitar Heroes.

heading Guitar Gods Australia pays tribute to this cornucopia of West Coast Rock by bringing together some of the best and most respected names in the WA guitar firmament for a celebration of the guitar, music and mateship as only they know how - to play, laugh, and generally get stupid while laying the audience in the aisles with their gifts - gifts they are only too happy to share with all who wish to listen... and even some of those who don't!