As we head into the future for guitarists in Australia, and particularly the West Coast, we take the time to acknowledge and honour the West Australian guitarists of our past (and present) who have laid the foundations for those who are to follow in their footsteps.

Here is where you will find interesting facts, inspirations and information about our W.A. 'Guitar Gods'.  As this site grows, so too shall the list of great players.  We will endeavour to not only include those who have reached successes in Australia and overseas in the past 40 years, but will also include new and upcoming guitar stars who will continue the legacy of the West Coast Guitar Gods.


Annemieke Heijne

Annemieke Heijne – Guitarist, Songwriter
Our first Guitar Goddess. Annemieke was born in Holland and spent some time in the ...

BOYS Lino and Cam Del Roio

Lino and Cam Del Roio
A legendary West Coast favourite and unique rock band originally from Perth, Western ...

Cliff Lynton

Cliff Lynton

Cliff Lynton – Guitarist/Songwriter To call Cliff ‘Lightning’ Lynton a musical institution would be somewhat of an understatement.
For more ...

Dave Hole

Dave Hole

Dave Hole – Guitarist/Songwriter “No one on the current scene plays with the incendiary power he does” – ASSOCIATED PRESS ...


Dennis James

Dennis James – 40 Year Veteran Guitar Player 1964 to 2010 timeline and bio supplied by the Dennis James ...


Dom Mariani

Emerging from arguably the world’s most isolated capital Perth Western Australia, Dom Mariani ...

Gérard Maunick

Gérard Maunick – Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter REVIEWS John Ward of ‘Only Blues Music’ said: “Probably the best description I could give you ...

Gerry Quigley

Gerry Quigley

Gerry Quigley – Guitarist/Songwriter Gerry Quigley (who laughingly refers to himself as the “half-mad Irishman”) is a native of Dublin, ...

Graham Greene

Graham Greene

Graham Greene – Guitarist, Composer, Songwriter Australian Guitar Magazine wrote (2007): “The Satriani of the South, Perth guitarist Graham Greene ...

Jaime Page

Jaime Page – Guitarist, Composer, Songwriter “My Dark Universe – Full Of Light” My whole life I have wanted to ...

John Meyer

John Meyer

John Meyer – Guitarist, Composer, Songwriter, Producer Saracen/ Swanee/ Rose Tattoo/ Chain Inducted into the West Australian Music Industry’s “Hall ...

Lindsay Wells

Lindsay Wells

LINDSAY WELLS is a musician whose career has expanded over most of his life focusing on applying his talents at ...

Guitar Gods - Mark Lizotte (Diesel)

Mark Lizotte (Diesel)

Mark Lizotte (Diesel)
One of the greatest buzzes for Perth’s music fraternity (and Perth music lovers) is to have ...


Martin Cilia

Martin was born in Rochford, Essex, England in December 1958. He moved to Perth, Western Australia with his family in January ...


Mike De Velta

Mike De Velta Typically associated with the Blues and Roots movement and acoustic in nature Mike De Velta’s intoxicating compositions ...