GerardM3Global Thunda Network CD Review on Gerard Maunick’s “World Citizen”

From the opening strains of his new album, “World Citizen”, it is apparent that Gerard Maunick is a human being of depth, compassion and immense talent. The title track would be the perfect soundtrack to a new age of peace and tolerance, an age that is outlined within the song itself. If there was ever a “We Are The World” for the twenty first century, this is it.

World Citizen is a recording that shows Gerard progressing beyond previous boundaries and broadening his musical horizons to incorporate more world beats and pop sensibilities into his sonic palette. Produced by rising pop prince Luke Steele (The Sleepy Jackson, Empire of the Sun), the album still has deep roots in the blues, Creole and soul that has become a Maunick trademark, but has added new age flavour and production values. Heartfelt ballads like “Mo Zolie Mama” are pared down to musical basics while delivering a poignant and touching message straight to the soul, while other tracks like “Step Into The Light” (the album opener) feature lush string arrangements and funky grooves delivered by a band of world-class players. Gerard sings in Mauritian Creole, French and English, and expresses himself fluently in all tongues. His songs speak to all cultures through his musical gift, spreading a vibe of peace, love and oneness that, once heard, is hard to forget.

Gerard Maunick is indeed a citizen of the world, and it is there for all to see and hear on World Citizen.



The “World Citizen” CD Launch held at The Charles Hotel on Tuesday March 16th 2010 will be deemed one of the most awe-inspiring shows to have come out of Perth this year, possibly even in the last decade.   

The line-up – an all-star cast who in themselves could feel the true essence of what was happening not only on stage, but also recognized the room filling with the growing energy as the crowd lifted to a tangible high while the second last song of the night rang out.  World Citizens united on March 16th 2010 and joined in on the chorus of the title track of the album to all but physically lift the roof off the Charles Hotel.   It was something else…

It is the consenus that “World Citizen” should be the lead-in song at the next Olympics.  It is also safe to say, everyone agrees – if World Citizen is bypassed, there is something very wrong in the world of music.

For those who missed the World Citizen CD Launch, there are plans in the pipeline for more shows this year – at least one of which will be a monsterous Guitar Gods show… so stay tuned!

Here’s a taste. 

Gerard Maunick – Vocals/Guitar/Songwriter
Tina-Simone – Vocals/Percussion
Ric Eastman – Drums
Roy Martinez – Bass
Sue Bluck – Keys/Vocals
Simon Cox – Keys/Vocals
Donna Greene – Vocals
Freddy Poncin –  Percussion

Footage courtesy West Coast Music Shack