Jac Dalton’s Icarus Completed

IcarusAfter a year of writing, recording and mixing, Icarus has become a reality. The first promo run was shipped by Perth’s ProCopy in late January, and is currently going out to radio and other media.

As mixing was about to get underway at Ardent Studios in Memphis, an unexpected addition to the team appeared in the form of multi Grammy Award winning engineer John Hampton. “Hamp” took the helm at the SSL console for the majority of the mixing sessions whilst Darren Mullan and Gregg Brown hashed out the finer details of the production and assistant ninjaneer Jason Gillespie ran the ProTools rig. Every bit of outboard gear that wasn’t nailed down in the other studios was conscripted for the duration of the Icarus dates in Studio B. The finished mixes were then sent to Nashville, where another Grammy winner, Richard Dodd was the mastering engineer.

Negotiations are currently underway with interested parties  regarding Australian distribution and release, the album is now available on iTunes and will soon be on other reputable download sites. While the Jac Dalton Band is being convened and preparing for rehearsal, Jac himself is due back in the US for meetings and promo appearances before returning to Oz to join his band mates in getting the songs roadworthy in a show that will do the highly-anticipated Icarus justice.

Icarus_newspicMore information and an Mp3 sampler track can be found on the Jac Dalton website and MySpace page.  Jac and Graham have also appeared on Global Thunda Network in an exclusive album preview and interview with GTN’s Donna G. (also a Jac Dalton Band member) and Nana Mex.

Some photos from the Icarus recording sessions are on Graham’s MySpace and Facebook pages, and Graham’s thoughts are in his MySpace blog.

GG Track on GTN Compilation
Graham’s Star Music Award winning track Impressive Hair has been included on the new promo release from Global Thunda Network – a two CD set entitled Nana Mex’s Thunda Hits Vol.1. The CDs feature the best of GTN’s Australian and New Zealand independent artists, including Jac Dalton, Gerard Maunick, Horizon, Gambirra and Glen Terry.

GG Media On The Web
As well as being busy with the Jac Dalton band, Graham is receiving airplay on a number of internet radio station around the world. Notable among these is Raven Radio in the UK, who have Graham’s track Raven’s Eye Pt.1 on their website’s introduction page. They are also one of the very few who have received airplay copies of some unreleased Resonance Project songs in addition to the instrumentals from Leap Of Face. Across the pond in the US, Graham has been played regularly by Treble Radio and Dewberry Jam Radio, who have both become valued supporters and friends.

A Graham Greene portrait page is also online on the Radio MOM website, where you can read Graham’s biography as it appears on his official website.