Gig For Mic – Trilogy & Saracen Tribute Show

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Special guests include the legendary John Meyer (Everest, Saracen, Trilogy, Rose Tattoo), Peter Thompson (Saracen, Trilogy), Mick Burn (Chain, True Colours, Nitro Zeppelin), Kevin Nitrovane (Nitro Zeppelin), Craig Pinkney (John Meyer, Pink & White Bridge), Donna Greene (Siren, Lady Zeppelin, Resonance Project, Rock For MS), Graham Greene (Ice Tiger, Resonance Project), Craig Skelton (Stone Circle) and the legendary Ralph Berman… and more…

A word from Jamie:

“Mic O’Donnell is a great friend of mine, as well as a talented graphic artist. We have been working together in one form or another since the early 80’s period, starting with graphics for the band Trilogy that culminated in the artwork for the album Life On Earth.

“In recent years Mic would be called on for artwork for both Kosmic Sound and Guitar World, including the fabled Beast Of Death graphic that adorned many a black t-shirt through the mid 90’s. Some may also remember the Jimi Hendrix stand up figure at Kosmic Hutton Street, and also some Formentin logos if I remember correctly.

“I am sure Mic did many great works for others, and was set to continue his passion until recently being diagnosed with bowel cancer. Unfortunately, Mic approached me to help sell his electric guitars because of the situation, and has put his work on hold in order to fight the cancer. ”

Jamie has agreed to help Mic sell his guitars and after a lengthy conversation with Jamie, Mic has now agreed to let his friends put on this special fundraiser concert, Gig For Mic – Trilogy & Saracen Tribute Show.

Jamie says, “Being that Mic was especially close to the Trilogy and Saracen crew it was a no-brainer to move in that direction. Thanks to John Starr we have booked Saturday September 13 as the night we get to play tribute to Mic and the bands he dearly loved.

“Our plan is to re-live the golden age of rock from the City Hotel, with some blistering classic rock, many favourite Trilogy and Saracen songs and popular covers from that wonderful era.

“To assist Mic please use the donations box at the door on the night of the gig, or follow the online auction items (coming soon), including his guitars, a special Trilogy artist painting by Kim Saunders, and possibly more TBA.

“I personally ask you to support this event, tell your friends, get a great crowd together, have a rocking night and help raise a few bucks on the side to help a mate in need.

Jamie Page – (Trilogy, Nitro Zeppelin, Siren, Rock For MS, Rock For Life)”

Venue: The Charles Hotel North Perth
Time: 8.30-12PM
Tickets: Pre-sale: $10 or at the door: $15
Check the event on Facebook: Rock For Life AU



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See you at the Gig For Mic – Trilogy & Saracen Tribute Show!
The Rock For Life AU team