AnnemiekeAnnemieke Heijne – Guitarist, Songwriter
Our first Guitar Goddess.

Annemieke was born in Holland and spent some time in the States before moving to Australia in ‘84.
Annemieke has been performing live and recording for more than 20 years.
Considered a pioneer for female guitarists in Perth, she is highly accomplished and held in very high regard by her peers and fans alike.
Annemieke has been recognised with an endorsement deal from Mesa Boogie Amplifiers.

Annemieke is best know for her work within several Perth bands including Blush and the very first all female original band, Siren.
With a huge following in Australia and the USA, Siren released a four track. E.P, video and contributed material to Channel 7 television and Triple J radio.

She has also recorded an instrumental solo album.

Previous bands include: “Talon”, “Black Widows”, “Siren”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Blush”, “Graham Greene and The Happy Sinners”, “Felines”, “Tongue Tied”, “Sister Mojo” and “Jac Dalton”.