Cliff LyntonCliff Lynton – Guitarist/Songwriter

To call Cliff ‘Lightning’ Lynton a musical institution would be somewhat of an understatement.
For more than three decades this gifted musician has entertained, educated and inspired not only other musicians, but audiences around the globe. He has appeared live supporting artists as varied as Fleetwood Mac, John Farnham and Hollywood legend Jerry Lewis, and his playing has appeared on everything from TV commercials and Nintendo games to hit albums.
Always in demand for session work, Cliff still manages to divide his time between recording, performing (his new band, Skidoo, and Steely Dan tribute band Pretzel Logic among others) and teaching at the guitar school which bears his name.

Cliff Lynton began playing the guitar at age 12, but didn’t actually start to take it seriously until age 17. Two years later, he was working professionally with his first band. This early career move came as no surprise to his family – father Len had taught guitar and performed around the country for over thirty years, and Uncle Cliff Adam had the distinction of being the first recorded guitarist in Australia. True to his pedigree, Cliff has toured the world as sideman and clinician, and carries on the family tradition of teaching with The Cliff Lynton Guitar School.
Before approaching the school itself, the qualifications and record of the teacher bear looking at…
Cliff Lynton wrote the state’s first rock guitar syllabus, which is now used for TEE years 11 and 12, having been approved by the Curriculum Council of WA. His own tutorial was created in 1986, and is still used in many of the top colleges in Perth.
I guess you could say that this guy didn’t study the book – he wrote it.

The Cliff Lynton Guitar School – created to handle ever-rising numbers of applicants for the Lynton guitar method – maintains the same high standard of musical integrity that the man himself adheres to, giving a solid grounding in music basics while stimulating the student’s own creativity. Performance and band training are also offered, to hone other skills vital to gaining employment and success as a musician. Far from being a musical iconoclast, Cliff has a deep respect for the traditions and institutions of music, while always looking for ways to expand and broaden his musical horizons. He stays in touch with modern trends and cutting edge guitar by meeting and interviewing a dazzling array of artists from around the world. Such guitar royalty as Joe Satriani, Carlos Santana, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Morse and Paul Reed Smith have shared their views on the state of guitar and music with Cliff, as well as fellow Aussie luminaries Frank Gambale and Tommy Emmanuel. The names on the list are impressive enough, but when you think of the combined knowledge and experience of these guitar legends, the scope of Cliff’s work becomes apparent.

2008: Cliff recorded for a solo CD release and an album with Skidoo, as well as maintain his usual busy musical schedule. Cliff Lynton’s laurels are in immaculate condition – he’s never rested on them.

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