Gérard Maunick – Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter


John Ward of ‘Only Blues Music’ said: “Probably the best description I could give you of Gérard is that if Jimi Hendrix & Bob Marley came back in the form of one person, that person would be Gérard. I have rarely met anyone with the love of music & people that Gérard has. A truly wonderful & talented guy, who plays like a demon, just amazing.”
The Ottawa Blues Society (Ontario Canada) announced that in 2007 Gerard was a finalist at The Lakeside Blues Festival in Finland which has become one of Europe’s biggest blues festivals. Gerard was voted the general public’s favourite artist at the Festival.

Highly regarded and respected among his Australian peers, Gérard’s ability to mesmerize his audience through guitar and voice is a gift that any young, aspiring student of blues & soul should absorb first hand by witnessing Gérard’s magic live. For the music lover, if you ever caught Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley live, then you will have ‘some’ indication about what to expect & experience at a Gérard Maunick gig.
The pleasure will be all yours.

The Man, The Music’ and his ‘Voodoo Brew’ mystic, Mauritian born, Gerard Maunick comes alive and caresses his story of Melting Pots & Simmering fires, Howling Moons & Spirits Arising on his albums. I Hypnotic fingers, effortlessly works its magic over Fender (Stratocaster)………..
Maunick has crafted genre-crossing into a fine art with Voodoo Brew, effortlessly bridging the conceptual gaps between styles that (although not even worlds apart) seem destined to sit at opposite ends of the table. An accomplished guitarist and owner of a voice that could charm the pants off a nun, Maunick’s talent is undeniable. Mike Wafer. (Xpress Magazine Perth)

For a man who has been likened to Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix it is perhaps hard to live up to such bold claims. But one listen to his song ‘War’ on ‘Voodoo Brew’ has you almost believing it. It’s not just the deep, deep reggae feel or the anti war sentiments that mirror those two greats, perhaps it’s Gerard’s compassion for the common man that oozes through his music. “I’m a great believer in people,” intones Gerard in his clipped Mauritian patois, “people can sense if you’re playing from the heart. They appreciate it.”
Mr Maunick is definitely a quantum leap. The sound, the songs and musicianship are impressive…. Sylvester Fox. (Groove Magazine June/August WA)

From his nineties blues adventures with the high voltage Rock/Blues Band ‘Powershift’ through to his three ‘Solo’ albums Soul Kreol, Voodoo Brew and World Citizen – (in 1984 his first album  ‘Harlequin Blues’ won three major WA Rock awards. Best Album, Best Production & John Villani winning Best Engineer for the album), Maunick remained faithful to his vision of playing the blues with some cross cultural flavours.  With Gerard’s musical partner in crime Tina-Simone whose vocals and co written ‘Angelina’ (album Voodoo Brew) are a highlight.
Besides touring with the Band, Tina-Simone and Gerard have been performing as a Duo around Western Australia and Internationally giving them an opportunity to feature new original material as well as more familiar cover territory.
When asked about the next anticipated album – “All will be revealed,” says Gerard.  Paul McCarthy (Grab Music Magazine)

Put simply, Gerard Maunick is a rare gem of a musician. Amazingly gifted not only as a player (guitarist/vocalist) and songwriter, but as a thoughtful and in-turn thought provoking human being.  (xpressmagazine Perth WA)

This singer and guitar player comes from Australia He is a gifted guitar player, singer and song-writer as well He gives us all his artistic creativity and good performing in both cds, with outstanding songs with bluesy influences and eclecticism, because he has taken up other musical influences such as reggae or cajun music, always performed on a very contemporary way Maunik has a special sensitivity for writing beautiful personal lyrics about common daily life or things that normally happen to ordinary people Both cds include all song lyrics as they are a very important part of the whole piece of work Some of them are sung in French because, although Maunick lives in Australia, he originally comes from Mauritania In his first cd, Soul Kréol Gérard Maunick sings, plays guitar and does backing vocals too, Bob Patient is on keyboards, Rick Wittle on drums and Richie Pavledis on percussion The second cd gathers the same musicians except bass, this time performed by Greg Thomson and Ric Eastman who playws drums and percussion Two cool dynamic easygoing cds Gérard leads with mastery experience and skill. Gérard Maunick “Soul Kréol // Voodoo Brew” LHDB Review

Special Moments: 

  • Sang at the Celebration of ‘The Year Of The Peace’ representing Western Australia and televised throughout Australia (Duet with Australian Jazz & Blues Queen – Shirley Smith) https://www.facebook.com/shirley.smith.77920526
  • Release of first solo album ‘HARLEQUIN BLUES’ – Winner of three major WA Rock awards. Best Album, Best Production & John Villani winning Best Engineer for the album https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Australian_Music_Industry_Awards
  • An audience with B. B. King Invitation to meet – Perth WA (accompanied by John Kendall and Michael Vdelli  Powershift – Band) https://www.facebook.com/vdelli.band/posts/pfbid025HVmnaszJ7t15hF3KsECbpKkdFtzsjnyB8QuhjP5f7GCmXEXH55yMe6wRSBBDc7Cl
  • Recording LIVE album   ‘POWERSHIFT’ with band members Michael Vdelli (guitar/vocals) Billy Blissett (keys/vocals) Roy Daniel (bass) and Ric Whittle (drums) https://www.valueyourmusic.com/items/181797444680-powershift-live-cd-album-1996-michael-vdelli-gerard-maunick-aussie-blues-perth
  • WAMi Song of the Year Winner Category Roots/Blues – song ‘SLIPPIN’ WITH THE BLUES’ album Voodoo Brew. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAM_Song_of_the_Year
  • Performed two originals with The West Australian String Ensemble, conducted by the  flegendary ‘Ashley Arbuckle’ (London Philharmonic Orchestra) Songs – LIVE LOVE LIVE and EMPTY GLASS – album Soul Kreol. https://au.linkedin.com/in/ashleyarbuckleplays
  • Recording studio with Luke Steele (The Sleepy Jackson/Empire Of The Sun) Producer of Album ‘WORLD CITIZEN’ (Gérard Maunick) http://www.procopy.com.au/procopy-band-of-the-day/2009/12/12/gerard-maunick-world-citizen-procopy-band-of-the-day.html
  • Meeting Hank Marvin (The Shadows) and hearing positive feedback from this guitarist extraordinaire. https://www.facebook.com/HankMarvinMusicOfficial
  • Album WORLD CITIZEN CD Launch Perth Blues Club featuring Tina-Simone, Donna Greene, Sue Bluck, Roy Martines, Ric Eastman, Freddy Poncin, Simon Cox https://youtu.be/uU8x3Q_q3k4
  • Performing at The Finland Heritage International Blues Festivals – was voted FAVOURITE ARTIST by the public and by the Artists. https://festivals.fi/en/festivals/lakeside-blues-festival-jarvenpaa/
  • An introduction to the USA Band – The Doobie Brothers back stage pass (for midnight supper) Perth concert hall along with Matt Taylor (Chain) Matt Taylor https://g.co/kgs/g6rVSy
  • Very enjoyable and impromptu studio recording  (guitar) –  ‘Something about July’ written by legendary Jean-Paul ‘Bluey’ Maunick (UK Acid Jazz band – Incognito) https://www.facebook.com/groups/59527927952/permalink/10158510670662953
  • Invited to perform with Touring Australian artists in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Many thanks to Richie Pavledis https://www.facebook.com/richiepavledis  and Michael Vdelli https://www.facebook.com/michael.vdelli.9 for the opportunity.
  • Forming band (The Jay Gee’s) with USA Bassist and Vocalist Jerome Rimson (Thin Lizzy). Performing together at the Crane Theatre – Cork IRELAND. https://www.facebook.com/jerome.rimson
  • A month of traveling and touring Ireland with Celtic Blues Wizard – mesmerising Guitarist Gerry Quigley ‘Festival Of The Strings’ Concerts throughout Ireland. https://www.facebook.com/gerry.quigley.92
  • Headlining…  (Australian Blues Festivals) The Great Southern Blues & Rockabilly  Festival, Narooma NSW.  Goulburn Australian Blues Music Festival, NSW.  The Blues At Bridgetown Festival, Bridgetown W.A. https://www.mbas.org.au/wider-blues-community/blues-music-festivals

Favourite Support Acts: 

Deep Purple  |  Matt Taylor & Chain  |  Jimmy Barnes  |  Johnny Johnson  |  Don Walker (Cold Chisel) |  Sade   |  Jungle Funk (Living Colour)


Gérard Maunick Band featured Musicians (1990 – present) to name a few…..

  • George Stout: BASSIST / VOCALIST (Marcia Hines Band) R.I.P.
  • Roy Martinez: BASSIST (Hank Marvin/The Shadows, Tim Minchin) https://www.facebook.com/roy.martinez.908
  • Jerome Rimson: BASSIST / VOCALIST (Van Morrison, Phil Lynott/Thin Lizzy, founder of Inner City Blues Band) https://www.facebook.com/jerome.rimson
  • Greg Thomson: BASSIST / VOCALIST (Jeff St John, WA Perth Blues Club Session Bassist) https://www.facebook.com/gregoryjthomson.gt
  • Ric Eastman: DRUMMER (Zydecats, Demis Roussos, The Supremes) https://www.discogs.com/artist/2431815-Ric-Eastman
  • Rudy Miranda: DRUMMER (Dave Hole, Russell Morris, Doc Neeson/Dragon) https://www.facebook.com/rudymiranda
  • John Trotter: DRUMMER (The Manfred Mann Earth band, Hot Chocolate, White Snake) https://g.co/kgs/ARjNVr
  • Tina-Simone: VOCALIST (Slim Dusty, Gary Fontana ‘This is Elvis’, Groove Connection, Cherokee) https://www.facebook.com/tina.simone.111

Relish in the sweet sounds of Mauritian-born, Perth-based songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Gerard Maunick delivering a diverse blend of blues, roots, reggae and funk.

John Trotter DRUMMER Workshop – Kreol Woman 
Composition by Gérard Maunick

Three originals (album World Citizen)