Jaime Page – Guitarist, Composer, Songwriter

“My Dark Universe – Full Of Light”

Jaime Page - Dark Univers CDMy whole life I have wanted to get to the point that I could integrate my love of progressive music, art, mysticism and my true self into one sentient being. That time is now. My planets have lined up.

I am proud to present the real Jaime Page.

Rather than the shell that existed as you know it, but as the real me.
My Dark Universe project is the real me, and he is she. Yes, I am transgender and proud of who I am.

This music is from the depths of my being. Full of darkness, love, hate, sadness, light and the deepest emotions imaginable.

It has been quite a journey getting this far. I do feel that I achieved my desired goal of being able to create the sounds I felt in my head and heart and create the music that is me. I do hope that you feel the emotions within and relate it to your life journey, whatever that may be.

I am proud to feature my absolute best friends and artistic brothers and sister on this magical (to me) journey. It would not exist without the support of Donna Greene and Craig Skelton, ably assisted by Michael Burn, Troy Brazier, and Stuart James.

The Dark Universe project is what I have yearned and worked for, given blood for. This is me; I  hope you like it!

“That Was Now, This Was Then”

Jaime’s background includes recording with musicians such as the late, great Cozy Powell from Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Rainbow and Malmsteen fame, as well as writing credit with Queen guitarist Brian May on his Back To The Light album, the song Resurrection.

In Perth, Jaime is remembered for his ground breaking guitar work with seminal W.A. power metal act, Trilogy and later for his undeniable sound and force in power metal band, Black Steel.

Note: This covers mainly anything with original content.


Move to the UK. Played with Gibraltar, featuring ex-Iron Maiden vocalist Dennis Willcox


Formed Gypsy. Gypsy records Endangered Species with producer Steve James (later to produce Screaming Jets). Changes name to Black Alice after rejecting Metallica as a name.




Trilogy Life On Earth album released.


Record Sons Of Steel movie soundtrack with Steve James in Sydney. Also features Andy Cichon on bass and Scotty Johnson on drums (ex-Rose Tattoo), and Rob Hartley of course.

Rejoin Driveshaft. Cozy Powell and Neil Murray (Whitesnake brought in). Songs recorded at RAK studios include Unchain My Heart (Unreleased), Lonely Days (Unreleased), Hold On (ditto), Race Is On. Original demo of Ride By Night not recorded as Unchain My Heart seen as radio friendly and Gene Simmons interested. Spent time on that.


Back To The Light by Brian May released. Resurrection makes top 30 and Top Of The Pops. Brian and band tour, using song as vehicle for drum solo and medley it with Bohemian Rhapsody (the fast section).

There were many years of writing, gigging and recording with various bands. I have left most of it out to concentrate on what matters to me.

Jaime Page Official Website: www.jaimepage.com